Creative economy
of a city Kryvyy Rig

Creative economy

The world is changing fast, competition is growing. The winners are those countries, which do not rely solely on natural resources, but count on creative economy: intelligence, creativity, technology, and innovations.

Global sector of creative economy grows by 30% a year and forms 6.1% of GDP.

Under the UN estimates, creative economy industries generate $2.25 trillion of annual income. Global exports of creative products exceed $250 billion.

We aim to increase the creative economy share to 10% of GDP.

One of the tools is establishing the creative economy centers in various regions of Ukraine. This priority is assumed by State Strategy of Regional Development for 2021-2027, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Fields of creative economy

Pilot project

We invest over UAH 27,000,000 in machinery, equipment, training programs, know-how, management team, and project development. Due to this, the youth of Kryvyi Rih will be able to:

  1. Study under the most up-to-date programs – in comfortable conditions and free of charge;
  2. Regularly communicate with businessmen and experts,
    gain useful contacts, get career opportunities, and find business ideas;
  3. Be employed in modern co-workings and develop their
    manufacturing start-ups in micro-manufacturing areas;
  4. Get access to expertise, free
    consulting support, and funding opportunities for
    their creative economy projects.

Features of the project

Education Programs

The Center will host a modern education facility – Creative Economy School.

The school will offer thematic seminars, short-term and mid-term curricula in the following areas:

  1. Information technology;
  2. Entrepreneurship;
  3. Creativity&Soft Skills.

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